Want to save time
and money?
There is a bot for that.
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Want to save time
and money?
There is a bot for that.
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Open new markets
and grow sales?
A bot connects you.
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Open new markets
and grow sales?
A bot connects you.
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Want to see what bots
can do? Get up and
running quickly with the
PivotAi Bot Library.
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The digital economy is truly here

Riding a massive push from the demands of virtual work. Business leaders are using new technologies to supercharge their workforce and operations for any and every environment. To compete, everyday business processes and customer interactions need to be digitized rapidly and, most importantly, intelligently. Stay ahead or fall behind, there is no middle ground.

PivotAi cuts through the jargon to show you what AI can do for your business.

Our proprietary Bot Library has hundreds of AI-enabled bots ready to learn repetitive tasks and work together to automate your workflows. Our bots can quickly help you save money and instigate growth.

What our Bots can do

Growth Bots

Discover and power new products and services
Push real-time,
personalized offers to
close sales
Provide 24/7 customer support

Efficiency Bots

Perform intelligent document processing
Replace manual, repetitive tasks with greater speed and accuracy
Automate compliance and reporting processes

All Bots

Never lose focus or concentration.
Work 24/7
Free up your people to do more with their time

Remove drudgery and what happens? Your people can do more and like it. Let them revel in the high value, meaningful work they care about, and our bots can do the rest.

When productivity goes up, focus can shift to what really matters: getting your sales channels and markets to expand.

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How our bots work

Run intelligent automation solutions 24/7
with smart bots from PivotAi.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for repetitive, time-consuming tasks such as logging into a website and clicking on downloads.
Machine Vision (MV) for identifying and recognizing objects, words and numbers in unstructured documents.
Natural Language Processing (NLP) for understanding the content and context of words, phrases, documents and forms.
Machine Learning using the powerful combination of RPA, MV and NLP to identify and execute processes, and correct common mistakes over time to improve performance.

Enterprise Automation Consulting

Bots are just the beginning. Hyperautomation is the future, now. For select clients, PivotAi’s automation architects and AI engineers work together to develop enterprise automation solutions for your business. We enable you to do more, integrating AI into your existing workflows, while meeting rigid security and compliance requirements.

Our approach

  • Identify and analyze operations at your company that are ripe for automation.
  • Architect and implement intelligent automation solutions with an array of custom bots combining AI and RPA.
  • Apply machine learning to make our solutions even better over time.
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How we do it


  • Identify workflows and processes that are optimal for automation.
  • Discover what AI technologies can best integrate with your current tech infrastructure.
  • Create the blueprint and for the automation solution, including the human operator dashboard.


  • Prototype the automation solution to measure feasibility and impact.
  • Pilot the solution with your team to identify key improvements to the system.
  • Implement the production system, incorporating compliance and performance requirements.


  • Apply ongoing custom machine learning to improve system performance.
  • Integrate disparate AI tools and databases to create a unified enterprise automation platform.
  • Optimize the performance of the unified automation platform with new technologies over time.